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How to use trains and signals

This tutorial shows you how to transport coal by train


1/6/04 Updated the buy a train section (speed limits of vehicles)
2/2/03 Added some information about electrified tracks (Buy a train section)
4/14/02 You can build signals on switches
4/14/02 You can build signals on bridges
3/31/02 Added some signal placing hints
3/1/02 Created tutorial


Scheduling trains
 Submitted on  8/23/03 by Webmaster
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  • A train always arrives at the platform of a railway station you clicked on while defining the schedule of the train.
  • If a train stops in a station only the wagons which are in the station will be served. A train which is longer then the station will not be "full loaded". Be careful when using the full-load option in a train's schedule with trains that are longer than the station.

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