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How to transport passengers

This tutorial shows you how to transport passengers by train, bus and ship.

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10/13/04 Tutorial is online
6/2/04 Preview of tutorial published


Passengers are changing the transport vehicle
 Submitted on  6/2/04 by Webmaster
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Passengers are changing the transport vehicle to reach their destination. A passenger will at most change the vehicle 30 times.

As example a passenger will use a bus to drive to a railway station where a train to his destination is waiting.
How can I transport mail?
 Submitted on  5/13/04 by Webmaster
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You can't collect mail from each station. You can only collect mail from stations with a post office or mailbox.

Tip: Some engines can transport passengers. Some can also transport mail.
Use trains instead of busses
 Submitted on  8/23/03 by Webmaster
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Use a train line for connecting the major passenger generators. Otherwise if time goes by you need 50+ busses.

Marcel Detz, 20-Oct-2002

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