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2/19/11Map window tips
2/19/11Which areas are not covered by my passenger network?
2/11/11How to build a subway


Map window tips
 Updated on  2/19/11 by Webmaster
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Image: The map window

  • You can zoom the map with the mouse wheel
  • You can resize the map window with the gripper on the right bottom of the window.
  • You can minimize the window by clicking on the minimize-button
  • If you check the "factory links" check boy you can display the customers of an industry if you move the mouse pointer over an industry symbol (Hold the shift-key to display the suppliers of an industry)**

see also: Which areas are not covered by my passenger network?
Which areas are not covered by my passenger network?
 Updated on  2/19/11 by Webmaster
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19-February-2011 Updated tip

In the map window you can display the area which is covered by your passenger network.

Image: Map Window

You can zoom the map with the mouse wheel.

How to display the map window :
  • Click on
  • Click on the "show legend" button if the "passengers" button is not visible
  • Click on the Passengers button

Update 23-April-2005:
In recent Simutrans releases ( and later) you can show/hide the station coverage with the v-key.
How to build a subway
 Submitted on  2/11/11 by Webmaster
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You can build a subway as following:

Step 1: Place some tracks

Step 2: Build a tunnel entrance
1. Select the tunnel tool from the railroad toolbar

2. Press the CTRL-Key and click on the slope tile to build the tunnel entrance (without the CTRL-Key a tunnel will be build)

Step 3: Switch to underground mode
Press the "U"-Key to switch to the underground mode

Step 4: Build subway tracks
You can use the tunnel tool to build railroad tracks in a tunnel.

You can leave the underground mode by pressing the "U"-Key again.

How to build a underground station with bus stop
1. Build the underground station and write down the screen coordinates of a station tile (see the bottom right corner in the image)

3. Leave the underground mode. Move the cursor to the screen coordinates of the underground station (Important)

2. Build the bus stop
Tram tips (Signals, bridges, stations, ...)
 Updated on  8/15/09 by Webmaster
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In the tram tools menu in Simutrans 101 (pak128) you cannot find a button for placing signals, bridges, tunnels or stations. Nevertheless it is possible :-)

You can place railroad signals on the tram tracks (railroad tools menu)

1. Build a road bridge
2. Build tram tracks on the road bridge

1. Build a road tunnel
2. Build tram tracks on the road tunnel

1. You can build bus stops and railroad stations on tram tracks

Train tracks
Trams can use train tracks. You can connect train tracks with tram tracks
How to build two diagonal tracks?
 Submitted on  4/17/06 by Webmaster
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More tips
 Updated on  4/17/06 by Webmaster
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You can find more tips here:
- Simutrans wiki
- Official Simutrans Forum (Documentation section)
- German Simutrans Forum
- Simutrans online help (F1 key)
How to use powerlines?
 Updated on  4/17/06 by Webmaster
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Choose signals
 Submitted on  4/17/06 by Webmaster
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How to use presignals?
 Updated on  4/15/06 by Webmaster
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What is a presignal?
A train will cross a pre-signal only if the pre-signal and the following signal is green. That means that in the following example no train will enter the block in front of the station if there is a train on the destination plattform. Because of this no arriving train will block leaving trains.

When should I use presignals?
As example in front of big stations and big crossings.

I use them only in front of very big stations with a much traffic.

Example 1 (Head station)

Image: Head station with presignals (scaled image from the 128x128 imageset)

  • There is a crossing at the front of the station.
  • At this crossing three signal types are used:
    - Two-Way-Signals! (in front of the station)
    - Pre-Signal (rail for arriving trains)
    - One-Way-Signal (rail for leaving trains)
  • See "How to use stations-Tutorial" to learn more about head-stations

Example 2 (cross-station)

Image: cross-station with presignals (scaled image from the 128x128 imageset)

  • In front of the stations one-way-signals are used (because the trains are driving throught the station)

Alternatives to presignals (Choosesignals):
IMPORTANT: Overcrowed stations are not accepting goods
 Submitted on  12/10/05 by Webmaster
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This tip could be interesting for you, if
- a train stays unloaded
- a station is not served by factory
- a factory stops production

A factoriy delivers goods only, if the reciever is not overcrowded (with the good)

German translation:
Wenn ein Abnehmer keine Lagerkapazität mehr hat, liefert der Produzent keine Waren mehr aus

(Simutrans 0.87.01 and later)
Keyboard combinations
 Updated on  11/6/05 by Webmaster
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You can access the following functions only with the keyboard at the moment.

, and .
Slow down / speed up the game (Use this with care!)

Hide / unhide station names (in Simutrans you can toggle the : on-map statistics for stations with this key, too)

Hide / unhide buildings. In Simutrans 0.82.3exp trees will be minimized if you click on ", too.

Hide / unhide map grid

numeric keyfield
Scroll the map (Simutrans 0.81.33exp and later)

Delete, Backspace
Close all windows

z experimental feature
UNDO for road and rail buildings (Simutrans

Hide / show station coverage (Simutrans and later)

H (Shift + h)
build headquarter (Simutrans 86.05 and later)

Fast forward (jump some years, Simutrans 87.01 and later)

Building railways and roads:
A way will not contain more than one bow if you press the STRG-Key when you build a railway or a road.

Placing and removing objects:
If you press the CNTRL-Key you can place objects on bridges (e.g. Stations). If you don't press the CNTRL-Key the object will be placed below the bridge (if there is an rail). If you want to remove objects you can use the CNTRL-Key in the same way. You can also use the CNTRL-Key when you define schedules.

The following functions are available in the toolbars now(as of Simutrans

Tree planting tool (Simutrans -

T (shift + T)
display city list (Simutrans and later)

G (shift+g)
Display speed bonuses for fast transports. You will earn more money if you transport goods with high bonus with a fast service. Goods with a low bonus can be transported more slowly and cheaper
Stations on bridges
 Submitted on  11/6/05 by Webmaster
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Since Simutrans 87.00 you can build stations on bridges.

If there is a rail below the bridge-part where you want to place the station, you have to press the CNTRL-Key (Germany: Strg-Key) when you place the station-tile.
Simutrans window is resizeable
 Submitted on  8/24/05 by Webmaster
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In new Simutrans releases you can resize the window size like in other applications*. In old releases the window size can not be changed at runtime.

*at least in Windows (I don't know if this feature is available under linux)

Update 06-nov-2005:
This works under Linux, too. Thanks for your note, Jens.
Nonstop waypoints
 Submitted on  6/20/05 by Webmaster
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Warning: This feature is experimental. There are some bugs in it

In Simutrans 86.05 you can add "nonstop waypoints" to the schedule of a convoi. A vehicle will not stop* at waypoints which is not on a station plattform or a depot.
*they stop for a fraction of a second

You can use this to force trains to use a specific railroad track. As example you can seperate passenger and goods traffic on separate tracks.

Known bugs:
  • the waypoint must be on a straight track (it must be at least one tile away from curves)
  • The waypoint shouldn't be placed in a presignal-block (if youplace it in a presignal-block, the presignal will not work correctly)
How to place bus stops?
 Updated on  4/30/05 by Webmaster
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You don't need to place very much bus stops in a city. Each bus stop covers an area of 5x5 tiles (in old Simutrans releases 7x7 tiles). In current simutrans releases you can show the coverage area with the v-key.

In the following image I have highlighted the area which is served by a bus stop:
http://www.simutrans-tips.com/pic/tutorials/truck_train/einzugsbereich.jpg (outdated, 110 KB)
How to build a level crossing?
 Submitted on  2/28/05 by Webmaster
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Simutrans 85.04.1 and later:
A level crossing is placed automatically if you build a rail over a road

Older simutrans releases:
You have to use the "level crossing" button.
How can I start Simutrans in fullscreen/window mode?
 Submitted on  2/27/05 by Webmaster
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There are three ways to Simutrans in your prefiered screensize:
1. Start Simutrans on the command line or with a shortcut
2. Change the default resolution in simuconf.tab
3. Use SimuStarter (Windows only)

Starting Simutrans in a resolution which is not supported by your monitor and graphic-card can damage your monitor!

Please read the details at:
Simutrans manual (Screensize and windowed mode)
How to switch off the timeline? (More vehicles in depot)
 Submitted on  2/26/05 by Webmaster
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There is a timeline in Simutrans. If the timeline is active there are only a few vehicles available at the start of a new game. New vehicles will be introduced from time to time.

You can switch the timeline off as following:
- in simuconf.tab (use_timeline = 0)
- by starting simutrans with the command line parameter
-timeline 0 (Simutrans 0.85.02 and later)
- in SimuStarter 0.29.12 (release date: March 2005)
Cheat! How to increase the starting capital
 Submitted on  2/26/05 by Webmaster
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You can modify the starting capital in the file simuconf.tab (config directory). The setting is named starting_money. It is given in cents (e.g. 20000000 is 200,000.00 C)
How to play Simutrans with mp3 music?
 Submitted on  12/30/04 by Webmaster
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The Simutrans sound system only supports midi-files. But you can use your own music playing software (e.g. WinAMP)

If the sound of your music player (i.e. WinAMP) is switched off after starting Simutrans you have the following options:
  • Deactivate the game music and sound effects of Simutrans (-nosound -nomidi as command line option) OR
  • Select the output device waveOut in your music software (in WinAmp: Options/Preferences, Plugins/Outup, waveOut Plugin)
Where can I see which lines are serving a stop?
 Submitted on  12/30/04 by Webmaster
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If you want to optimize your transport network you maybe want to know which lines are serving a stop.

You can display this information as following:
1. Click on the station / stop (to open the station information dialog)
2. Click on details
How to find all vehicles which are in depots
 Updated on  11/25/04 by Webmaster
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This tip shows you how you can find all vehicles which are in a depot.

How to proceed:
  • Open a depot window
  • Switch between the depots with the next / previous depot button
  • Switch between the vehicles in the depot with the next convoi / previous convoi button (please do this also if you don't see a convoi after opening the depot window)

- Vehicles which are in a depot are not shown in the vehicle list dialog
Speed limit on city roads
 Updated on  11/4/04 by Webmaster
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There is a speed limit of 50 km/h on city roads (in Simutrans and later)

You should consider this if you buy new busses and trucks.
Connect cities by rail only
 Updated on  10/31/04 by Webmaster
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Connect cities with rail only (a loop track with multiple trains). Otherwise you still need 50+ busses.

Marcel Detz, 20-Oct-2002
How to play without competitors?
 Updated on  10/31/04 by Webmaster
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How to switch off the standard competitor:
  • press 'k' to open the player list
  • switch the competitor off (existing buildings and vehicles will not be removed)
  • start a new game

  • The setting will be saved durably
  • The existing buildings and vehicles of a competitor will not be removed, if you switch him off. You have to start a new game to play without competitors.

This tip has been written by Hajo in the german Simutrans forum
How to replace an engine
 Updated on  10/16/04 by Webmaster
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1. Send the train to the depot
  • Send the train into a depot (add the depot to the schedule of the train)

2. Sell the old engine
  • Open the depot
  • Click on the old engine to disconnect it from the train

  • Change to sell mode

  • Sell the engine

Buy a new engine:
  • Change to 'Put in front mode'

  • Buy a new engine

If you buy a new engine you should check the top speed of the wagons. If the top speed of the wagons is lower as the maximum speed of the engine, they will slow down the train.

As example the following wagon will slow the engine from 200 km/h to 120 km/h.

Waggon max speed: 120 km/h

Engine max. speed: 200 km/h
Multi-level stations
 Submitted on  8/24/04 by Webmaster
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You can use the slope-tools to build multi-level stations like in the following image:

You can display the slope-tools menu by clicking on the -button.
How passengers select their route
 Submitted on  6/2/04 by Webmaster
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Passengers are not selecting the shortest route. They select the route with the least number of transfers.

Passengers currently count the transfers between transportation modes.
I.e. change from bus to train = 1 transfer. They try to use the route with the least number of transfers. If there are "equal" routes, they use whichever they find first.

Note from webmaster: every change is counted (Even that from bus to bus)

As of Simutrans 0.84.8 (This will change sometime)

Written by Hajo, Edited by Markus Weber
Passengers are changing the transport vehicle
 Submitted on  6/2/04 by Webmaster
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Passengers are changing the transport vehicle to reach their destination. A passenger will at most change the vehicle 30 times.

As example a passenger will use a bus to drive to a railway station where a train to his destination is waiting.
Cheat! How to continue a game if you are bankrupt?
 Submitted on  5/13/04 by Webmaster
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If you are bankrupt the 'new map' dialog is displayed.

You can continue your lost game as following:
1. click on 'load game'
2. click on 'cancel' or 'x'

You can also start Simutrans with the -freeplay option to switch of the bankrupt check. You can also use SimuStarter to start Simutrans in freeplay mode.
How can I transport mail?
 Submitted on  5/13/04 by Webmaster
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You can't collect mail from each station. You can only collect mail from stations with a post office or mailbox.

Tip: Some engines can transport passengers. Some can also transport mail.
Ticker messages are clickable
 Submitted on  3/26/04 by Webmaster
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Since Simutrans (16th March 2004) ticker messages like "Vehicle cannot find route" are clickable.
Good categories
 Submitted on  3/15/04 by Webmaster
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Goods in Simutrans are categorized. Vehicles can transport any good of a category unless the vehicle is specialized for a certain good. This means that i.e. you can use the same train to get coal and iron ore to the iron foundry, because both beleong to the category 'bulk goods'.

Some goods, i.e. passengers, mail, steel, paper and some more, need specialized vehicles that can only transport this one good.

To see which category a good belongs to:
- Press 'G' (capital G!). The goods list will tell you.

To see which vehicles can transport goods of which category:
- build a depot
- open the depot window
- check the vehicle descriptions

Factory info windows also list the category of the products.

Orginally written by Hansjörg Malthaner
How to rename stations, cities, vehicles, ...
 Submitted on  3/1/04 by Webmaster
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You can rename:
- stations
- vehicles
- cities
- lines (Simutrans 0.84.x.x)

Example (how to rename a city):
1. Open the city information window by clicking on a town hall
2. Enter a new city name
3. Close the city information window
How to stop a vehicle
 Submitted on  10/23/03 by Webmaster
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If you open the schedule of a vehicle the vehicle will stop. As example you can use this to reshape tracks without disturbances by trains.
Zooming function
 Submitted on  10/11/03 by Webmaster
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You can alter the zoom level with the < and > keys or the mouse wheel. On some systems you have to use the Page-Up and Page-Down keys.

The zooming function can help you to get a look over a large area. This is usefull for finding industries, planing roads etc.

This tip is based on an article of Wolfgang and Hajo
Don't combine fast engines with speed limited waggons
 Submitted on  9/30/03 by Webmaster
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Since Simutrans 0.82.8exp waggons have a speed limit. The lowest speed limit of any waggon in a convoi will limit the convois top speed.
That means that a convoi with a fast engine can be slowed down by it's waggons.

The waggons speed limits are shown in the depot window. Please change the user interface language to english if you don't see the speed limits)
Extend stations with post offices (Outdated tip)
 Submitted on  9/1/03 by Webmaster
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You can use post mail to extend stations.

Image: Station with mail offices

In Simutrans 0.82.7exp a station can have only one mail office. This tip cannot be used in Simutrans 0.82.7exp!
Full-Load option
 Submitted on  8/23/03 by Webmaster
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If a train stops in a station only the wagons which are in the station will be served. A train which is longer then the station will not be 'full loaded'. Be careful when using the full-load option in a train's schedule with trains that are longer than the station.
Electric engines can only drive on electified tracks
 Submitted on  8/23/03 by Webmaster
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Electric engines can only drive on tracks with overhead lines. In the rail-tools menu you can find a tool to add overhead-lines to rails.
Joining stations with gaps
 Submitted on  8/23/03 by Webmaster
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Here is a trick for joining stations together with space between it. It is just like you explained in the tutorial, but you can delete the station that connects the stations. This way there is a gap between the stations but it is still one station.

Instead of using a train station to connect the stations you can also use a busstop or mail office since they are considerd as stations, too.

Another advantage is that you can set up (connected) stations outside the 3 tile boundry
(Note from the webmaster: Usually you can can build a station only 3 tiles around of a customer or producer)

Author: Marcel Detz, 03-May-2002
Use trains instead of busses
 Submitted on  8/23/03 by Webmaster
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Use a train line for connecting the major passenger generators. Otherwise if time goes by you need 50+ busses.

Marcel Detz, 20-Oct-2002
Trains can have two front engines
 Submitted on  8/23/03 by Webmaster
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You can buy a train with two front engines in the following way:
1. Buy the first engine
2. Buy a second engine (it will be displayed in the engines area)
3. Click on the second engine
4. Buy some waggons

- The power of the engines is summed up
- The max speed is taken from the first engine

I found this tip at alt.games.simutrans
Where can I build signals?
 Submitted on  8/23/03 by Webmaster
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You can build signals on bridges:

Image: A signal on a bridge
Where can I build bridges?
 Submitted on  8/23/03 by Webmaster
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A bridge can start and end on flat land or on a hill.

Image: A bridge which starts on flat land

You can build a bridge over buildings and other bridges.

Image: A bridge over a station

You can place a signal on a bridge

Image: A signal on a bridge
Sell a convoi / Modify a convoi
 Submitted on  8/23/03 by Webmaster
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In the depot-window you can sell convois. You can also add or remove vehicles from a convoi.

You can send a convoi to the depot by adding the depot to the convoi's schedule. If this doesn't work you should remove all entries from the schedule before you add the depot to it.

How to add or remove vehicles from an convoi:
  • Add a depot to the convoi's schedule
  • Open the depot-window (by clicking on the depot)
  • Add or remove vehicles from the convoi
  • Remove the depot from the convoi's schedule

  • The depot can hold only one train. If you send two or more trains to a depot all trains expect one will be disassembled. This has been fixed in recent Simutrans releases
  • You should remove the depot from the schedule before sending it out again!
How to found a new city
 Submitted on  8/23/03 by Webmaster
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Click 'Shift + C' to activate the city building mode. Then click where the city should be build.

A city costs 5.000.000 Cr !
Scheduling trains
 Submitted on  8/23/03 by Webmaster
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  • A train always arrives at the platform of a railway station you clicked on while defining the schedule of the train.
  • If a train stops in a station only the wagons which are in the station will be served. A train which is longer then the station will not be "full loaded". Be careful when using the full-load option in a train's schedule with trains that are longer than the station.
City information window / Find the destination of passengers
 Submitted on  8/23/03 by Webmaster
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In the city information window you can change the name of a city. The window shows you information like city size and the destination of the city's passengers (yellow dots).

In the city information window you can change the name of a city. The window shows you information like city size and the destination of the city's passengers

Image: The city information window (image is outdated!)

Click in the game on the marked building to show the city information window:

Image: The town hall

Alternative means to access the tips archive:
- RSS feed (info)
- Simutrans-Tips forum

(c) 2002-2005 by Markus Weber

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