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How to use trucks

This tutorial shows you how to start a new game with coal transports.

Table of contents


1/25/02 Created tutorial

Search a producer and consumer

First you have to find a producer of goods. At the beginning of a new game it is a good idea to transport goods from a coal mine to a power station or an iron foundry.
Please search a coal mine with a near power station or iron foundry.

Coal mine
Image: Coal mine

Click with the mouse on the coal mine image to open the industry-information window. In this window you will see the customers of the coal mine.

Consumers of a coal mine
Image: Consumers of a coal mine

In the above example you see, that a Power station is at the coordinate "125, 216" accept goods from the selected coal mine.
You see the current coordinate of the mouse pointer at the bottom of the screen (i.e.).


Build a street, loading bay and a street depot

If you have found a coal mine and a consumer which accepts the goods of the coal mine, you can connect both with a street.
Before you can build a street, you have to activate the street building mode. Click on the street-button in the "Road tools"-menu to do this. If the street building mode is active you can click on the start tile of the new street. If the mouse pointer looks like a cross hair, you have to click on the tile where the street should end.

A street between two industries
Image: A street between two industries

After you build the street you can place loading bays at the ends of the street. The loading bays can be 1-2 tiles away from the coal mine and power station.
Click on the Loading-Bay Button in the "Road tools"-menu and then on the end of a street to build a loading bay.

A loading bay
Image: A loading bay

Buy a coal truck

For buying trucks you need a street depot. You can build a street depot on the end of a street.

A depot
Image: A depot

Click on the street depot to open the depot window.

Road depot
Image: Road depot

If you click on the highlighted image you will buy a truck

Schedule a truck

You can schedule the truck which is displayed in the top-left hand corner of the depot window by clicking on the Schedule-Button. In the other rows other trucks and trailers would be displayed.

Schedule of a vehicle
Image: Schedule of a vehicle

If the schedule window is open you can add stops by clicking on the loading bay you built earlier. Please add the loading bay near the coal mine and the bay near the power station or iron foundry to the list. If the schedule is complete, you can apply it by clicking on the Done-Button. If you then click on the Start-Button in the Depot window your first truck will transport goods from the coal mine to another industry.
You can schedule about 4 trucks on a loading bay without having jams. If you need more trucks you could extend your loading bays. You can build a loading bay directly beside existing loading bays

A big loading bay
Image: A big loading bay


Speed limit on city roads
 Updated on  11/4/04 by Webmaster
Comments (3)
There is a speed limit of 50 km/h on city roads (in Simutrans and later)

You should consider this if you buy new busses and trucks.

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