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How to use trains and signals - Part 4

Buy and schedule a train

Table of contents

Buy a train

Click on the train depot image to open the depot window.

Buy an engine

Train depot
Image: Train depot

You can buy an engine by clicking on it's image. You can add wagons and tenders by clicking on the according image in the Carriages-section. There are special engines for passenger transports available. You can't use this engines for good transports.

You can buy electric and steam engines in the depot. Electric engines can only drive on tracks with overhead lines! In the rail-tools menu you can find a tool to add overhead-lines to rails.


Image: Engine

The above engine has high running costs (3.36 C/km). It should only be used on very profitalbe routes.
The top speed of the engine is 200 km/h. Some wagons can slow down a train with the engine. As example the following wagon will slow the train from 200 km/h to 120 km/h.

Bulk good wagon
Image: Bulk good wagon


Buy the wagons

In the industry information window you can see which goods are produced by an industry. As example a coal mine produce coal. Coal is an bulk good.

Industry information window
Image: Industry information window

There are some wagons which can transport bulk goods like coal. They differ in price, capacity and top speed.

It does not make sense to combine a fast engine with wagons which have a lower top speed. As example you should not combine the following wagon with an engine which is faster than 120 km/h.

Bulk good wagon
Image: Bulk good wagon


Schedule a train

You can schedule the train which is displayed in the top-left hand corner of the depot window by clicking on the Schedule-Button.

Schedule of a vehicle
Image: Schedule of a vehicle

You can add stops by clicking on the stations you built earlier. The train arrives on the rail you clicked on while scheduling the train. Please add the station near the coal mine and the station near the power station or iron foundry to the list. If the schedule is complete, you can apply it by clicking on the Done-Button.

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