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How to use trains and signals - Part 2

Build a depot

Table of contents

Build a depot

Before you can buy a train you have to build a depot. You can build a train depot on the end of a rail.
The following image shows you a good way to connect a depot with a railroad system. If you build the marked signal a train could leave the depot, even if an other train is waiting on the other rail.

The signal in front of the depot should be further away from the depot than the longest vehicle you intending to buy.


A depot
Image: A depot


I have suggested to connect depots with the rail system like in the following image. My suggestion doesn't work well with current Simutrans releases. I'm sorry.

A train which is leaving the depot will stall at the following conditions:
- the way between depot and signal is shorter than the train and
- the signal is red at the moment the train leaves the depot

If this happens you have to send the train back to the depot and nowhere else.

You can find a list with Simutrans-Bugs in the Simutrans-Centre.
I thank Adam for reporting me the mistake.


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