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How to use trains and signals - Part 1

Search a producer and consumer and build a railway

Table of contents

Search a producer and consumer

First you have to find a producer of goods. At the beginning of a new game it is a good idea to transport goods from a coal mine to a power station or an iron foundry.
Please search a coal mine with a near power station or iron foundry. The consumer should be about 30 tiles away from the producer to guarantee a high profit.

Coal mine
Image: Coal mine

Click with the mouse on the coal mine image to open the industry-information window. In this window you will see the customers of the coal mine.

Consumers of a coal mine
Image: Consumers of a coal mine

In the above example you see, that a Power station is at the coordinate "125, 216" accept goods from the selected coal mine.

You see the current coordinate of the mouse pointer at the bottom of the screen (i.e.).
It is possible to zoom the map with the Page-Up and Page-Down keys. This can help you while searching a customer.


Build a railway and stations

If you have found a coal mine and a consumer which accepts the goods of the coal mine, you can connect both with a railway.
You can build rails very similar to streets. Please take a look at the truck tutorial for more information.
You can build a station only on existing rails. Before you build a station you have to lay out the rails like in the following image

You can place a station on this rails
You can place a station on this rails
Image: You can place a station on this rails


On the above rails you can build a station like the following.

A station
A station
Image: A station

The station can be 1-2 tiles away from the power station.

See also:: how to build rail stations


If you would like to use electric engines you have to electrify the track with 'electrify track' button.

An electrified track
Image: An electrified track

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