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How to use trains and signals

This tutorial shows you how to transport coal by train


1/6/04 Updated the buy a train section (speed limits of vehicles)
2/2/03 Added some information about electrified tracks (Buy a train section)
4/14/02 You can build signals on switches
4/14/02 You can build signals on bridges
3/31/02 Added some signal placing hints
3/1/02 Created tutorial


Passengers are changing the transport vehicle
 Submitted on  6/2/04 by Webmaster
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Passengers are changing the transport vehicle to reach their destination. A passenger will at most change the vehicle 30 times.

As example a passenger will use a bus to drive to a railway station where a train to his destination is waiting.
Don't combine fast engines with speed limited waggons
 Submitted on  9/30/03 by Webmaster
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Since Simutrans 0.82.8exp waggons have a speed limit. The lowest speed limit of any waggon in a convoi will limit the convois top speed.
That means that a convoi with a fast engine can be slowed down by it's waggons.

The waggons speed limits are shown in the depot window. Please change the user interface language to english if you don't see the speed limits)
Electric engines can only drive on electified tracks
 Submitted on  8/23/03 by Webmaster
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Electric engines can only drive on tracks with overhead lines. In the rail-tools menu you can find a tool to add overhead-lines to rails.
Trains can have two front engines
 Submitted on  8/23/03 by Webmaster
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You can buy a train with two front engines in the following way:
1. Buy the first engine
2. Buy a second engine (it will be displayed in the engines area)
3. Click on the second engine
4. Buy some waggons

- The power of the engines is summed up
- The max speed is taken from the first engine

I found this tip at alt.games.simutrans
Where can I build signals?
 Submitted on  8/23/03 by Webmaster
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You can build signals on bridges:

Image: A signal on a bridge
Scheduling trains
 Submitted on  8/23/03 by Webmaster
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  • A train always arrives at the platform of a railway station you clicked on while defining the schedule of the train.
  • If a train stops in a station only the wagons which are in the station will be served. A train which is longer then the station will not be "full loaded". Be careful when using the full-load option in a train's schedule with trains that are longer than the station.

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