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How to use powerlines?

This tutorial shows you how to use powerlines.


6/5/05 Moved tutorial from the tips page to the tutorials page
5/18/05 Tutorial is online

Why should I use powerlines?

You can use powerlines to increase the production rate of factories. As example the max. production rate of the following iron ore mine will be increased from 425 to 850 units each day.

Image: Iron ore mine (not connected with the energy network)

Image: Iron ore mine (connected with the engergy network)

How to use powerlines?

In the special construction tools toolbar you can the following buttons:

You can use this button to build transformer stations (at the coal power station and the supplied industries)

You can use this button to build a transmission line between transformers

Step by Step instructions

1. Transport coal from a coal mine to a coal power station

(A power station needs coal to produce energy)

Image: Coal mine

In the How to use trucks tutorial and the How to use trains and signals tutorial you can learn how to use trucks and trains to transport coal.

2. Build a transformer station at the coal power station

Image: coal power station

3. Build a transmission line from the coal power station to an industry

4. Build a transformer station at the industry

Image: transformer station

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