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How to transport passengers between cities

In this tutorial you can learn how to transport passengers by train, bus and ship.

Table of contents

Transport passengers between cities

  1. You should use trains or ships to transport passengers between cities
  2. You should use busses to transport the passengers to the train stations
  3. You only need one train station in a medium sized city
  4. You can use one train to serve 2-4 cities
Important: Your train network have to be connected with the bus network. Otherwise the passengers cannot switch between busses and trains.

Buy a train

  1. It does not make sense to combine a fast engine with wagons which have a lower top speed (see: train-tutorial)
  2. If you use a fast train, you will get a speed bonus


"Gear" for engines
The gear value is an artificual value, introduced to distinguish freight train engines from passenger train engines. In reality freight engines are slower but can pull heavier trains. Simutrans calculates accelleration only from power and weight. To get closer to reality, freight engines can now get a higher gear value, that (internally) increases their tractive power and thus allows faster accelleration, at lower top speeds.

Author: Hajo at http://simugraph.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=10&t_id=58

When to use ships to connect cities

Ships have some advantages and disadvantages. I use them very rarely for passenger transports. I prefere trains.

Advantages of ships:

  1. no maintenance costs for tracks and stations (the maintenance is expensive)

Disadvantages of ships:

  1. Ships are expensive! (Some trains, too)
  2. Ships are slow (you will lose the speed bonus)

When should I use ships?

  1. To transport workers to oil rigs
  2. Passenger transports between many cities (alternative: trains)
  3. Passenger transports between cities which are far away each other (alternative: trains)

Notes from onken (Edited and translated by M. Weber)
I use ships only to transport passengers between cities which are far away each other and I have to place too many rails or streets. As example if a city is in the south and one in the north of the map. In such a case it's worth it. I use post ships not till I have a working train network. I place docks on shore-promenads and contect them with the city networks. I often use the docks as the main junctions in my passenger transport network. Additionally I use passenger ships to transport passengers to and from oil rigs.
Author: Onken at http://forum.simutrans-forum.de/thread.php?threadid=59&boardid=14&page=1#14

When to use busses to connect cities

Don't use busses to connect cities!
The amount of passengers will rise a lot later in the game. Busses cannot transport thousands of passengers between cities.

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