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How to transport passengers in cities

In this tutorial you can learn how to transport passengers by train, bus and ship.

Table of contents

How to build a bus transport network? (in a city)

  1. Search a city
  2. Place a railway station (connection to other cities)
  3. Place some bus stops (each stop covers 7x7 tiles)
  4. Buy 1-2 busses (add them to a line)
  5. Build a bus transport network in 2-3 other cities
  6. Connect the cities with a train

Step 1: Place a station

In each city you should place a railway station to connect the bus-network of the city with the rest of the world. You should place the station near to the city hall, monuments or tourist attractions. The station should contain a bus stop.


Image: Station near city centre and tourist attraction

  1. The station is near to the city hall (more passengers)
  2. The station is near to a tourist attraction (more passengers)
  3. The station is connected with the bus network
  4. The station can handle many trains without jams (incoming trains are seperated from leaving trains)
  5. You can collect mail from this station (see the Mail office building)

In the screenshot-section some example stations are discussed (http://screenshots.simutrans-tips.com/gallery/Transport-networks.html)

Step 2: Place some bus stops

Every Bus Stop covers 7x7 squares. You don't need to place them too densely. This will only slow down your busses, because they have to stop too often.

Image: This area is served by one bus stop (7x7 sqares) - Decreased illustration

Image: A station can have more than one bus stop

Multi-tile buildings
If a station covers only a part of a multi-tile building, you will only get a part of the total passengers.
Note: There is one exception. You have only to serve a tile of a factory (industry) to get all passengers

In the following example the station covers only two of four ground tiles. The station in the image gets 50% of the total passengers from the tourist attraction.
Image: Tourist attraction (Bad example!)

Step 3: Buy some busses (How to buy a bus and assign it to a line?)

  1. Build a depot
  2. Open the depot window
  3. Buy a bus (city roads are limited to 50 km/h)
  4. Click on 'New line' (in the bus depot window)
  5. Add some stops to the new line
  6. Rename the line (click in the drop-down list with the lines)
  7. Click on the 'Assign line' button

Since Simutrans the speed limit on city roads is 50 km/h

You should organize your busses in lines. Otherwise you run in trouble if you would like to add new bus stops to your bus network or if you would like to replace some bus stops with railway stations.

You should organize your busses in lines (1-2 lines per city). You will save much time if you have to buy additional busses later.

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