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How to transport passengers

This tutorial shows you how to transport passengers by train, bus and ship.

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10/13/04 Tutorial is online
6/2/04 Preview of tutorial published


Which areas are not covered by my passenger network?
 Updated on  2/19/11 by Webmaster
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19-February-2011 Updated tip

In the map window you can display the area which is covered by your passenger network.

Image: Map Window

You can zoom the map with the mouse wheel.

How to display the map window :
  • Click on
  • Click on the "show legend" button if the "passengers" button is not visible
  • Click on the Passengers button

Update 23-April-2005:
In recent Simutrans releases ( and later) you can show/hide the station coverage with the v-key.
How to place bus stops?
 Updated on  4/30/05 by Webmaster
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You don't need to place very much bus stops in a city. Each bus stop covers an area of 5x5 tiles (in old Simutrans releases 7x7 tiles). In current simutrans releases you can show the coverage area with the v-key.

In the following image I have highlighted the area which is served by a bus stop:
http://www.simutrans-tips.com/pic/tutorials/truck_train/einzugsbereich.jpg (outdated, 110 KB)
Speed limit on city roads
 Updated on  11/4/04 by Webmaster
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There is a speed limit of 50 km/h on city roads (in Simutrans and later)

You should consider this if you buy new busses and trucks.
Connect cities by rail only
 Updated on  10/31/04 by Webmaster
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Connect cities with rail only (a loop track with multiple trains). Otherwise you still need 50+ busses.

Marcel Detz, 20-Oct-2002
How passengers select their route
 Submitted on  6/2/04 by Webmaster
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Passengers are not selecting the shortest route. They select the route with the least number of transfers.

Passengers currently count the transfers between transportation modes.
I.e. change from bus to train = 1 transfer. They try to use the route with the least number of transfers. If there are "equal" routes, they use whichever they find first.

Note from webmaster: every change is counted (Even that from bus to bus)

As of Simutrans 0.84.8 (This will change sometime)

Written by Hajo, Edited by Markus Weber
Passengers are changing the transport vehicle
 Submitted on  6/2/04 by Webmaster
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Passengers are changing the transport vehicle to reach their destination. A passenger will at most change the vehicle 30 times.

As example a passenger will use a bus to drive to a railway station where a train to his destination is waiting.
How can I transport mail?
 Submitted on  5/13/04 by Webmaster
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You can't collect mail from each station. You can only collect mail from stations with a post office or mailbox.

Tip: Some engines can transport passengers. Some can also transport mail.
Use trains instead of busses
 Submitted on  8/23/03 by Webmaster
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Use a train line for connecting the major passenger generators. Otherwise if time goes by you need 50+ busses.

Marcel Detz, 20-Oct-2002

(c) 2002-2005 by Markus Weber