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How to transport passengers

This tutorial shows you how to transport passengers.

Table of contents


In this tutorial you can learn how you can use busses, trains and ships to transport passengers.

Only very experienced players should try to start a game with passenger transports. Passenger and mail transport systems are only profitable if you build large networks. It is a good idea to tranport coal at the start of a new game.

You should know how to use trains and trucks in Simutrans before using this tutorial.

Basics (What you should know)

In Simutrans passengers have destinations. With a small transport network you cannot serve many destinations. If your transport network is growing, you can serve more destinations and can transport more passengers. That means, that you cannot earn money with two or three busses. You have to build a transport network to earn money.

Combine! Simutrans is about it

Make use of fact that passengers can switch vehicles on their route to the destination and that you get paid for each hop.

Best paying goods among all are passengers. But it is difficult to setup network big enough to attract enough of them. Only very experienced players should try to start just with passengers, most players will rather setup profiting goods service and use income to expend passenger transport.

Number of passengers willing to use your service increases as you cover more destinations.

Author: Written by T. Kubes (edited by Markus Weber)

How to build a passenger transport network

At first, you should build a transport network in three or four big cities which are near each other. Then you can connect the cities with a train.
  1. Search three or four cities
  2. Build transport network in each city (with busses)
  3. Connect the cities with a train
At the beginning you should use busses to transport the passangers in cities. The advantage of busses (in comparision to trains) is that they are very flexible and that you don't need to place rails and big stations. Later you can try to use trains in cities, too.

Important notes:
You should organize your busses in lines.
Make sure that you serve the town hall, special buildings and if possible some nearby industries.

Image: Special Building

Image: Tourist attraction

Image: Monument

In this part of the tutorial you have learned how to build a passenger transport network. Now you should be able to transport passengers.
In the following parts of this tutorial you can learn the details about transporting passengers. As example each bus stop covers 7x7 tiles.

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