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19.2.2011Map window tips
19.2.2011Which areas are not covered by my passenger network?
11.2.2011How to build a subway


Diese Homepage beinhaltet Tipps, Tutorials und Downloads für Simutrans.

Simutrans ist eine Transport-Simulation. Das Ziel des Spieles ist es, ein großes Verkehrsnetz aufzubauen. Der Spieler kann Güter und Passagiere per LKW, Zug und Schiff transportieren. Simutrans ist Freeware. Simutrans wird von Hansjörg Malthaner entwickelt.

Bitte sende mir eine E-Mail, wenn du Kommentare und Vorschläge zu dieser Homepage hast.

Simutrans Chat
 Submitted on  15.9.2004 by Webmaster
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The chat is about anything on simutrans. You can use mirc (Shareware), Chatzilla (Firefox addon) and other IRC-clients to join the chat.


English chat
- each Saturday, 9:00PM (GMT)

German chat
- each Sunday, 18:00 (GMT)
- each Wednesday, 19:00 (GMT)

Spanish: Monday 19:30 (GMT)
Simutrans 110.0 released
 Submitted on  17.2.2011 by Webmaster
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A new stable Simutrans version has been released.

It is the first version with multiplayer support and contains many bugfixes and improvements.

See: http://forum.simutrans.com/index.php?topic=6870.0
New tutorial
 Submitted on  12.2.2011 by Webmaster
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In the tips section you can find a new tip:
- How to build a subway
Merry X-Mas
 Submitted on  26.12.2008 by Webmaster
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Merry Christmas!

Frohe Weihnachten!

Feliz Navidad!

E-Mail address
 Submitted on  1.7.2007 by Webmaster
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The email address has been changed. The new address is simutrans@simutrans-tips.com.
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